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Two new businesses open at Liberty Square


Liberty Square

A national fitness studio that focuses on resistance training and a business that teaches computer coding to kids both opened in October at 85th Street and Minnesota Avenue. The Liberty Square 2 tenants are the first two tenants to open in the new building.

“These are two great additions to this growing development,” said Norm Drake, manager of 85th and Minnesota, LLC and CEO of Legacy Development & Consulting Company, LLC.

Participants in Solidcore’s 50-minute sessions do planks, lunges, squats and other motions using machines, and classes are offered daily. Based in Washington, DC, Solidcore owns the majority of its 60 studios, including the one in Sioux Falls. Several more stores are opening around the country in the next year.

Code Ninjas is a drop-in program that offers computer coding for kids ages 7-14 using a game-based curriculum. With more than 400 locations in 44 states, Code Ninjas continues to expand with locations also opening in Canada and the U.K.

“There is nothing like this in Sioux Falls. Maybe even if your kid isn’t going to become a computer programmer, the knowledge and the skills that they’re learning going through our curriculum, they’re going to use that in any job,” said franchise owner Stephanie Lilke in a recent media interview.

Additional interest in the space continues to remain steady.