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Equity Square becoming full circle



It was one of the most expensive projects in Sioux Falls last year.

Now downtown's Equity Square is almost full.

KELOLAND News took you inside the old DM&E building in downtown Sioux Falls a year and a half ago. Crews were busy remodeling all four floors of the building.

Now three floors are mostly full of businesses. Cutler Law Firm calls the entire fourth floor home.

"We have around 13,000 square feet on this floor. It's difficult in downtown right now to find 13,000 feet of available space," Partner Kent Cutler said.

With the addition of Cutler, around 2000 square feet of office space is all that's still available.

The developer is also looking for a restaurant to fill space on the first floor. The doors open right to the banks of the Big Sioux.

"We've had discussions with several restaurant operators," said Legacy Development CEO and manager of Riverview Square, LLC Norm Drake said.

In addition to a potential restaurant, there's also a smaller space available on the first floor. Drake says he could envision a coffee shop here.

"It has unparalleled views of any place in town. The river makes a natural oxbow right here on this particular section, so you're able to see up to the north and down to the south for a long ways," Drake said.

Those views were one of the main draws for Cutler.

"And we looked at it on a beautiful day and were able to step out there," Cutler said.

A new office that's giving employees new energy.

"It's been exciting and rejuvenating for everybody," Cutler said.

Cutler says he's also excited because that entire block is being transformed.

A boutique hotel is going into the former headquarters of Great Western Bank.

The building right next to it, Huey Apartments, is also going to be renovated.