Our Guiding Business Principles

  1. We are dedicated to creating a trust-based investment relationship with each investor based around our stated return strategy. By meeting or exceeding our IRR projections. We are also committed to making sure all preferred returns are funded on time, as pledged. We believe this is mission critical to maintaining client trust.
    1. We are currently paying 7-9% monthly preferred returns
    2. Our stated IRR is 11-15%
    3. Our exit strategy is based on a 5-7 year hold period
  2. We maintain a constant focus at all times on what drives our clients. This perspective helps us deliver projects that meet or exceed their objectives and our track record speaks for itself. We do this by truly understanding the “the day in the life of the client” and attending to their specific needs and objectives with great insight, empathy and trust.

Legacy Development

402 W 9th Street
Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Phone (605) 444-0400
Fax (605) 444-0400

Our Projects

  • Over 60 million dollars in transactions completed in less than 3 years
  • 4 full cycle transactions completed since January 2010
  • An average return of 20.0% IRR for our investors

Our Developments